The Linc – Natural Nemesis


The Linc – Natural Nemesis football jig is our custom multi-shaded light green pattern.  Available in 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz.

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The Linc in the Natural Nemesis color is our green pumpkin football jig. This color is always a consistent producer, especially in clear to slightly stained water. The light hues of green in this jig skirt create a very natural look that will get you more bites. This is our personal choice when the bass are finicky or you only want to have one jig tied on all day fishing anything that you might encounter.

This jig is perfect for dragging on the the bottom in medium to deeper depths to entice the biggest bass in the school to bite. The shape of the football head allows the jig to easily roll over rocks & logs without becoming lodged. The Linc's premium weedguard keeps the jig from getting snagged, while the 4/0 Mustad Light-wire Ultra-sharp hook allows for solid hooksets when fished deep.

All of our Linc football jigs are available in either 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz weights.


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3/8 oz, 1/2 oz

Hook Size


Skirt Color

Green, Green Pumpkin

Head Color

Green Pumpkin


Green Pumpkin medium


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