Blitz Swimmer – Electric Ghost


The Blitz Swimmer – Electric Ghost swim jig is our custom white/clear/silver pattern with darker strands on top.  Available in 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz.

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The Blitz Swimmer in the Electric Ghost color is our custom solid white/silver/glitter swim jig. This is our original swim jig and still our favorite. The Electric Ghost also has a few strands of darker skirt material on its back. This mimics the Alewife baitfish found in many lakes. When paired with any Electric Shad swimbait, this is a true killer when the bass are on the baitfish bite.

The Blitz Swimmer swims true and with a premium weedguard you don't have to worry about getting it hung up in thicker cover or vegetation.  The 4/0 Mustad Ultra-sharp hook allows for solid hooksets and really keeps them hooked..

All of our Blitz Swimmer swim jigs are available in either 1/4 oz or 3/8 oz weights.

* Color may vary slightly from what is pictured.


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1/4 oz, 3/8 oz

Hook Size


Skirt Color

White, Silver, Glitter

Head Color

Pearl White


Clear White medium


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